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x__wicked__x's Journal

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26 March 1988
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There is nothing to see here. Well, at least nothing interesting anyways.

My name is is Jenni. I am a college student in Ohio, though my taxes say I am from Illinois. Middle Childhood Education, meaning I am going to able to teach 4th-9th grade. I am obsessed with coffee, and I read almost all the time. If I am not in class, not eating, doing homework or online, I have my nose stuck in a book. Life's to short to sit around and be bored.

I currently work at Borders, as part of the management team. I do plan on staying with the company for a few years, and there is a strong chance that I will continue to work there while teaching your kids.

I love being an education major, it is my love. I can not picture myself doing anything else. If I were to end up losing my chance at it, I would not know what to do with my life.

I am a member of Alpha Xi Delta, and Tau Beta Sigma. I play piccolo and flute, and love every thing related to music. I have had my share of personal problems, and would love to share my experiences with people, if only to educate and to help others to not follow in my steps.

Popsicles are a random favorite of mine, and I hate how my college fridge does not have a freezer. I love Vermont Maple Sugar Candy, and Twix. I only support one fandom, ss/hg. Don't agree? Then don't bring it up. I believe love knows no color or gender, nor age. The only problem I have is when people confuse Lust with Love.

And I only wish I could be loved......

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