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Go go gadget *Again

So, I always get my mind into thinking I'm trying to be healthy.
But, I know I'm not. I cut back on pop- but I started to make up for it in Coffee.
Either home-made cold coffee (French vanillia, with 2 packets sweet and low, and some creamer.)
BLAH. I was doing good water-wise for like, 2 days.

I just drank my first 8oz two minutes ago in like... a week.

I say I'm going to work out, but I haven't. I go 'swimming' with my husband, but I float more than I swim. (Though, I'm still 5 years old, I have to do back handsprings in the shallow end. ;) )

I try to buy healthy. Cottage cheese, fruits, frozen veggies. But, when I cook, it's usually a pasta. Last night for dinner I had lemon and herb marinated tenderloin, and a mix of corn and peas.

This morning I had eggs with cheese, a plain english muffin, and two sausage patties. Gah!

Why am I telling you all this? To finally hold myself accountable. I can no longer lie to myself. I needed to decide if I really was going to lose this weight. Am I going to be healthy? Yes. I am changing my lifestyle. I am going to go to the gym at my apartment, and run on the eliptical for 15 minutes. I can't do much, but I AM going to be under 210lbs by Christmas.

If you want to watch my journey, and give me some support, and read my ever changing blog- you can do so at
However, it is a lot more darker and depressing. If you're looking for happy, encouraging weight-loss blogs, this wouldn't be one. At least not now anyways. This deals with my raw emotions on being fat.

I would love to know I'm not the only one.
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