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Wagon? What Wagon? Can I fall off a wagon, if I hadn't gotten on completely?

Rob had his first Pharmacy liscence test this week so we ate at Texas Ro-Ho, and at Chipotle. Yes, I vegged out, and haven't worked out.

So, tomorrow, I am starting the EA active challenge. And I will finish the 30 days. In 30 days. I am also going to drink one water a day. I feel like this is do-able. I need to do something besides my normal weekly 'diet' of soup and veggies only. Can I say I'm finally tired of soup? Tomorrow I am making tuna for lunch, on a single slice of whole wheat bread. Dinner I am making a pasta with broccolie. I think it calls for 3 cups of it. So, even though is it pasta, I can feel less guilty for it.

Today we took Colin, our 55lb black lab/cocker spaniel mix to a doggie park. We ran a bit, and climbed up and down this STEEP HUGE hill. Hopefully, even though I'm way bloated, it will kick a notch in my metabolism today. It sure reminded me of how out-of shape I am.

Speaking of which, I've mentioned it before, but I am really itching to have a baby. My Mother in Law has mentioned how much she wants grandkids, and it's not helping. She already has at least 3 grandkids, but due to family issues, my kids are the only ones she'd be able to see. And, I know that she would support us like no other. So, while Bobby and I have only been married a month, I am getting ready for it. This is why I want and need to lose weight. I want to be healthy while preggers, and I want a healthy child. Plus, I want to be active with my child, not a couch potato.

Also, we're looking into buying a house, which is crazy stressful in itself. Boy, being an adult is crazy scary.
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