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So, hello everyone!

I have now worked out twice today. :) 33 min on the eliptical, and then later this afternoon I went with my Fiance, and did about 5 min on the treadmill going back between running and walking, and I also did 2 set of 10 on lying down leg crunch thing, and two different arm weight things on the machine. (I really should learn the name of the excercises I do!)

I'm at 229 lbs. Which, is basically where I started the summer. However, I still think my inches are smaller then where I started. Not the lowest, but still smaller. Which is good. I wanted to be in a size 18 this summer, and I'm almost completely there. I still have some 20's I wear, and some 18's are still a tad tight. But hopefully, by the time band camp starts, that will be fixed. :)

I am however wearing more size 'L' than XL and I am wearing clothes I wore in highschool. So, yay for something!

Also, I have completely now changed my outlook on pop. I only drink one pop a day. When I go out and I can fill my own cup, I mix diet with regular. I still get the taste, but half the calories! Whee!

I'm just sad that tomorrow I start being a nanny again full time, and that means if I work out, it has to be after 6pm when I get off, and I'm not ever really in the mood to go workout at night. Perhaps if I maybe do one or two reps of crunches while I nanny? I don't know. I just want to kick this into gear, and I know I crave food more when I nanny. :( I WILL CONQUER THIS!
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