x__wicked__x (x__wicked__x) wrote,

Well, I went to az for a week for TBS. Well, I didn't do well. Eating wise or excercise wise. So I get back to home, and I dont feel like cleaning or cooking, and I'm not doing well either.

I've been home since sun. And everyday besides today I have eaten out at least once. I've been drinking alot of pop. Yesterday I worked out for 20 minutes. Today, because or chores, I haven't. I've been drinking water, and I still feel like crap. I hate this. It tastes great when you eat it, but then, it makes you feel like shit later on.

I need to buy more veggies and eatm ore veggies, but that means I need money, that I don't have.
 It sucks.

I will be smaller. I will. I need to keep telling myself this. The summer is almost over, and I don't have anything to show for it. This sucks.
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